Jared Smith's Sermons

Additional Evidence Of Regeneration

This sermon addresses the following points:

• Defining the spiritual fruit of patience—“the ability to wait upon the Lord with the confidence that He providentially governs the course of history according to His eternal decree”
• Explaining the definition of patience with a five-part and two-part outline
• Diagraming the definition of patience according to the framework of sovereign grace
• Showing the relationship between the eternal decree of God and His providential governance
• Overlaying the framework of God’s eternal decree and providential governance, with a selection of texts—Psalm 33, 115, 135; Isaiah 46; Daniel 4; Acts 15; Ephesians 1; Romans 8; Ecclesiastes 3
• Connecting the framework of God’s eternal decree and providential governance with the ability to wait upon Him with confidence, set forth by a selection of texts—James 1; Luke 19; Psalm 27; Isaiah 40; James 5; Job 23
• Concluding the teaching by pointing out that “when sore afflictions on us lie, God is (though we are blind), too wise to be mistaken, yea, too good to be unkind.”