Jared Smith's Sermons

Common Grace

Some of the points covered in this sermon:

• The correct view of common grace as it relates to creation
• The false view of common grace as it has been appropriated to redemption
• The false view of “Christ’s atonement sufficient for all, but efficient to those who believe”
• The false view of a twofold atonement—one that is potential, hypothetical and passive; the other that is actual, real and active
• The heresy of decisional regeneration—sinner’s prayer, altar calls, etc.
• The heresy of duty-faith—that it is the saving and/or moral duty of the unregenerate to believe on Christ
• The heresy of the free-offer—that the gift of God in Christ must be offered to the unregenerate, that they may have the opportunity to receive/reject Christ
• The threefold grouping of Arminians, Moderate-Calvinists and Hyper-Calvinists
• The correct view of sovereign grace as it relates to the elect and the non-elect
• Responding to the false doctrine of common grace unto salvation
• Responding to the heresy of decisional regeneration
• Responding to the heresy of duty-faith
• Responding to the heresy of the free-offer
• A final exhortation to preach a full and free gospel to all regenerate and unregenerate sinners