Jared Smith's Sermons

Another Evidence Of Regeneration

This sermon addresses the following points:

• Tracing the origin of tribulation to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3
• Describing the nature of tribulation with reference to its many forms
• Exploring the meaning of ‘afflictions’ in Psalm 34
• Connecting these ‘afflictions’ with the ‘evil’ mentioned in Matthew 6
• Connecting these ‘afflictions’ and the ‘evil’ with the ‘affliction’ mentioned in James 1
• Tying these ‘afflictions’ and the ‘evil’ together with the ‘persecution’ and ‘tribulation’ mentioned in Romans 8
• Affirming the security of the regenerate sinner’s salvation
• Explaining the significance of a threefold cord with reference to eternal security (Ecclesiastes 4)
• Explaining the significance of the Father’s hand, the Son’s hand and the Spirit’s hand, with reference to eternal security (John 10)
• Pointing out that tribulations come upon the regenerate and unregenerate alike
• Showing how the regenerate respond differently than the unregenerate to tribulations
• Explaining the nature of the ‘fruit of the spirit’ as mentioned in Galatians 5
• Touching upon the meaning of spiritual growth and what it is to be under the law of Christ
• Highlighting the fruit of long-suffering, as a leading quality exercised by regenerate sinners when they suffer tribulations
• Showing how Paul and Peter include the fruit of long-suffering/patience when speaking of spiritual growth in Colossians 3 and 2 Peter 1