Jared Smith's Sermons

Further Evidence Of Regeneration

This sermon addresses the following points:

• Abel was one of God’s elect people, evidenced by his experience of the new birth, the inner witness of the Holy Spirit, the exercise of saving faith in the redemptive work of Christ, living as a stranger and a pilgrim and encountering conflict with Cain
• There are three aspects to Abel’s conflict with Cain—First, it implied he was in fellowship with God’s people; Second, it led to persecution for the testimony of Christ; Third, it was reflective of the enmity between the old and new natures
• The essential promotion of social liberty among people with opposing views
• The important principle of regenerate sinners separating themselves from the ungodly
• The spiritual disposition of regenerate sinners to forge friendships with the godly
• How the regenerate sinner’s love for the brethren provides further evidence he/she has been born again
• Calculating the population of the world at the time Abel was killed by Cain
• Identifying the number of sinners who had been born again during the lifetime of Abel
• Establishing a standard upon which all regenerate sinners should seek to build their friendships
• Assessing the value of small communities of God’s people—whether they meet in houses, rented facilities or purpose built chapels
• How to judge whether a person’s love for the brethren is the result of regeneration, or the deception of an unregenerate condition