Jared Smith's Sermons

Other Evidence Of Regeneration

This sermon addresses the following points:

• The twofold nature of hardships encountered by regenerate sinners as they journey through this world as strangers and as pilgrims—persecution and tribulation
• Tracing these hardships to the experience of Adam and Eve, recorded in Genesis 3
• Distinguishing between persecution and tribulation
• Highlighting the fourfold strategy of Cain which led to the martyrdom of Abel
• Vindicating Abel, when he conversed with Cain, by explaining the difference between separation and isolation
• Showing the first, second and third “deaths” recorded in Scripture
• Explaining why Abel was the first Christian martyr, rather than the Evangelist Stephen
• Pointing out some of the similarities between the testimonies of Abel and Stephen
• Highlighting the various types of persecution suffered by regenerate sinners
• Showing what constitutes legitimate persecution as it relates to a believer’s testimony
• Explaining why God’s people should not be surprised when suffering persecution
• Exhorting the believer to avoid persecution if at all possible
• Encouraging the believer to boldly face persecution (in all its forms) if it be the will of God that he/she suffers under it