Jared Smith's Sermons


Some of the points covered in this sermon:

• Highling the five names prophesied by Isaiah (9:6) which belong to Christ
• Explaining the meaning of the term “wonderful”
• Showing how the Hebrew term translated “wonderful” is used in the Old Testament
• The first time the term appears is Exodus 15, with reference to God parting the Red Sea
• The second time the term appears is Psalm 77, with reference to Asaph’s personal experiences with the Lord
• Making an application of the “wonderful” works of the Lord as it relates to the lives of His people today
• Showing two meanings for the term “wonderful”, as it is designated a name of Christ in Isaiah 9:6
• First, the term may stand alone, as a singular name given to Christ—His name shall be called “Wonderful”
• Second, the term may stand together with the name Counsellor—His name shall be called “Wonderful Counsellor”
• Providing three reasons why the term “wonderful” stands together with the name Counsellor
• First, combining the terms “wonderful” and “counsellor” is consistent with the other names of the text
• Second, the terms “wonderful” and “counsellor” are combined in other passages of Scripture
• Third, combining the terms “wonderful” and “counsellor” is supported by the structure of the text