Jared Smith on the Gospel Message (Complete)

8 How Do I Share The Gospel—The Motive

Some of the points covered in this sermon:

• Reviewing the four main branches of sharing the gospel
• Highlighting several ways many preachers attempt to motivate believers to share the gospel
• Turning to the text, providing a definition for the terms “sanctify” and “heart”
• Explaining how the TriUne Jehovah sanctifies His people unto Himself
• Explaining how the regenerate sinner sanctifies the Lord God in his/her heart
• As the Lord God has set His affections upon you, so you should set your affections upon Him
• As the Lord God pursues you and has procured for you all gospel blessings, so you should pursue Him and present yourself a living sacrifice
• As the Lord God has endeared Himself to you, so you should endear yourself to Him
• As the Lord God has honored you as a vessel of honor, mercy, gold and silver, so you should honor Him as the King of your life
• Explaining how sanctifying the Lord God in one’s heart rightly motivates the regenerate sinner to share the gospel