A. E. Realff

A. E. Realff (?) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. Between 1878-1885, he served as pastor of an Open Communion Baptist church meeting at Potter-street, Harlow. He resigned this office after coming to an understanding the Lord’s Table should be restricted to baptised believers. He thereafter served as pastor for Strict Baptist churches meeting at Dunstable and Guildford.

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    The Sufferings Of Christ

    The Apostle has been treating of undeserved suffering (ver. 14). This is, more or less, the common lot of the sheep of Christ in every age of the world, but in the apostolic age it was peculiarly so. Of this their Saviour had forewarned them, and pronounced those "blessed" who were thus called to suffer for the truth's sake (Matt. 5; John 15). This Apostle here reiterates the same testimony; and, for the encouragement of those thus called to suffer, he reminds them that in nothing do they so much resemble their Lord, "for Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the Just for the unjust." Suffering, in one form or another, is the lot of all the "sons" of God. It is only the…

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    Grace, Sovereign, Free, Omnipotent

    Among the many thousands who attended the preaching of the immortal Whitefield, there were some who came to scoff, or to get material wherewith afterwards to amuse their companions. We are informed that, on one occasion, four young men met together, and laid a wager, to be given to him who should best mimic the great preacher. One of these was named Thorpe. They were each to open the Bible at haphazard, take the first verse that presented itself, and make an extempore address from it. Thorpe's three companions each made their attempt in succession; then he said, "I shall beat you all." Mounting the table, which served them for a platform, he opened his Bible, and a wonderful providence directed his attention to those…

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    The Gracious Invitations Of Our Lord

    “Incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David.”—Isaiah 55:3 In this chapter we have set forth God's call to Gentile nations, as is evident from the fifth verse. In opening our text, may the Lord grant us His manifest presence and aid, while we consider— I. THE CHARACTER ADDRESSED.—All Scripture invitations are to character. It is not everybody indiscriminately who is invited to partake of Gospel privileges; but certain individuals are, whose characters are described in the invitation. Thus, when the Saviour says, "Come unto Me,'' He addresses the weary and heavy laden; and, when He describes those He came to call, He says, "Not…

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    The Life And Ministry Of A. E. Realff

    In the afternoon of January 20, Mr. J. Box most kindly supplied for W. J. Styles, who was incapacitated through illness. Proceeding to explain in a most lucid and affectionate manner the nature of a Gospel Church: its privileges and duties, our dear brother took for his text Dan. 10:21, first clause. Very sweetly and encouragingly was he led into the subject, and a goodly company of appreciative hearers listened to his instructive and admonitory utterances. The schoolroom was well filled at the tea. At the evening meeting, Mr. E. Mitchell, the former pastor, asked the usual questions, Mr. Realff’s answers to which will be found below. He then called upon Mr. J. Billing to relate the providential circumstances that led to the present settlement,…