Societal Confessions

The Strict and Particular Baptists organized numerous Societies designed to meet the physical needs of the destitute and to make the gospel known locally and abroad. There were Societies for the poor, orphans, widows, retired ministers, evangelistic outreach and Bible distribution. Each Society drew up its own doctrinal statement.

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    The Gospel Standard Articles Of Faith

    Preface I was the pastor of a Strict and Particular Baptist church (Bethesda Chapel, Kensington) in London, England, for twenty years. The church was organized in 1866, with a number of prominent Strict Baptist preachers presiding over the meeting, such as John Hazelton of Mount Zion Chapel, Chadwell Street. As with many Strict Baptist churches of the mid-twentieth century, the Bethesda congregation decreased in number and her teachings merged with those of Low and Moderate-Calvinism. It was into that context I was appointed the pastor in 1999. For the first eleven years of ministry, I assumed the Low and Moderate Calvinist view of the gospel was that around which the church had been organized. However, as I explored the history of the church, and indeed,…