Charles Banks

Charles Banks (1806-1886) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher and printer. He served as pastor for several churches in London. In 1845, he started a sovereign grace magazine called "The Earthen Vessel and Christian Record”, remaining its sole editor for more than forty years. There was a rapid growth in popularity of the magazine, with 200 copies printed the first year, to over 6,000 by 1852.

  • Charles Banks,  The Earthen Vessel

    A Report On The Annual Meeting In Support Of The Earth Vessel

    To the Ministering Brethren—to the Members of the Church of Christ at Crosby Row—and to all who gave their countenance and help at the Annual Meeting on behalf of The Earthen Vessel, on Tuesday, May 17, 1853, this small expression of my gratitude is presented with feelings of increasing desire that my labours may be more than ever devoted to the bringing together, building up, and feeding of a portion of the ransomed church of the living God. Riding this morning, (Wednesday, May 18th) from Paddington to Wantage, in Berkshire, (where I hope to preach the gospel of God) my mind has been stirred up with a desire to address a few words to you expressive of my sincere thanks for every token both of…