The Earthen Vessel

A High-Calvinist Magazine “The Earthen Vessel and Christian Record” started in 1845 by Charles Banks (1806 -1886), a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher who served as pastor of several churches in London. He was sole editor of the magazine for more than forty years. Others who filled this role were William Winters (1834-1893), John Banks (1829-1899), Edward Mitchell (1843-1919), Ebenezer Marsh (1853-1913), James Flegg (1865-1938) and William Styles (1842-1914), to name a few. The Metropolitan Association of Strict Baptist Churches eventually acquired ownership of the magazine, which became the central platform for communications between the churches belong to or in sympathy with the Association. Although well meaning in purpose and amicable in spirit, Charles Banks opened the pages of his magazine to debate, which led to a division between the churches subscribing to it and other Strict Baptist magazines such as the Gospel Standard.