Edward Blackstock

Edward Blackstock (1791-1852) was a Particular Baptist preacher. He nurtured high views of sovereign grace, but subscribed to an open communion table. He served as pastor for the churches meeting at (1) Market-Drayton, Shropshire; (2) Potton, Wolverhampton; (3) Gower Street, London; (4) Salem Chapel, Fitzroy Square.

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    A Discourse On The Covenant Of Grace

    Some months ago, I was for a short time supplying at York-Street Chapel, in Leicester. Upon one occasion, I spoke there from Psalm 89:34. After the service, a particular friend of mine said the discourse had been profitable to him, and earnestly requested me to write the substance of it when I had leisure, and let him have what I had written, when, with my permission, he would have it published for me. I consented to his kind proposal, and have attended to it as well as I was able. This is what has brought this little piece before the public. Should it be found to contain any doctrinal errors or unscriptural notions, I do not wish any man to spare them; yet I crave…

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    The Believer’s Marching Orders

    An Address To The Sons And Daughters Of The Lord God Almighty May grace, mercy, and peace, be with you, from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ. In this day of great profession, when there are many “itching ears,” and heaps of teachers who never had a divine warrant for their employment; when natural talents and the charms of eloquence are intended to supersede the use of spiritual gifts, and the power of the blessed Spirit; when the congregations of the dead are large, numerous, and wealthy, and the folds of Christ are generally small, lean, and lank; when truth is a libel; when the doctrines of grace are accounted blasphemous, and the work of the Spirit is deemed enthusiasm; when Religion…

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    The Life And Ministry Of Edward Blackstock

    Earthen Vessel 1852: Notice Of Edward Blackstock’s Death The Late Mr. Blackstock Another servant of Christ is gone home. In the early part of September, 1852, Mr. Blackstock departed this life. He had, for some few years past, preached Christ, and salvation by him, in Salem Chapel, not far from Fitzroy Market; and there he quietly finished his course. Many that have heard him to profit, and loved him for his work’s sake, regretted his apparent lack of decision for one of the leading ordinances in the New Testament church. As regards the essentials of gospel principle, and divine experience, he was unflinching. He preached, he lived, he rejoiced, he died in the faith. We are informed by brother Edgecombe (pastor of the Baptist church,…