Edward Debnam

Edward Debnam (1816-1898) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. He served three pastorates—Malden, Essex; Sudbury, Suffolk; Saxlingham, Norfolk. After resigning the pastoral office from the third church, he entered upon an itinerate ministry for the remainder of his years.

  • Edward Debnam

    The Life And Ministry Of Edward Debnam

    On Lord's-day, September 4th, Mr. Edward Debnam passed away at his residence at Botisham Lode, near Cambridge, at the advanced age of 82 years. Although for some time past the health of the deceased had been gradually failing. the news of his sudden death caused us great surprise. On the morning of his decease, awaking early, he appeared as well as usual. Falling asleep again he was heard to utter one groan, which was the only sign of the passing of his spirit from earth to heaven. For many years Mr. Debnam has been known to several of the Strict Baptist Churches as a faithful and fearless preacher of the Gospel of the grace of God. When a young man, he became a member of…