Edward Mitchell

Edward Mitchell (1843-1919) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. After serving twelve years as pastor of the church in Guilford (1877-1889), he was appointed the pastor of Mount Zion, Chadwell Street, Clerkenwell (1889-1914). He also served as President of the Metropolitan Association of Strict Baptist Churches, President of the Strict Baptist Mission, Editor for the Earthen Vessel and the Gospel Herald.

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    The New Covenant

    A covenant means a contract, compact, arrangement between two or more persons. As employed by God it denotes the methods and terms in which He deals with men. He brought Israel out of Egypt by His outstretched arm, and entered into a covenant with them at Sinai. In our text He promises to enter into another arrangement with His people of a different nature to that made at Sinai, which they had broken. An understanding of this covenant, and an interest in it, are matters of paramount importance. It is denominated “a new covenant.” This refers to the date of its publication, otherwise it existed before the other covenant. As Kent sings:— " This cov'nant stood ere time began, That God with men might dwell;…

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    The Life And Ministry Of Edward Mitchell

    The name of our highly esteemed brother, the pastor of Chadwell Street, having, until recently, been closely associated with Guildford, we find a little difficulty in detaching it entirely from that locality. However, feeling convinced that God has placed him in his present position, we wish to become familiar to the change, knowing, as we do, that both Churches are in one and the same vineyard, and under the control of one Master, Jesus. Therefore:— "Let saints proclaim Jehovah’s praise And acquiesce in all His ways: He keeps eternity in sight, And what His hand performs is right.'' Mr. Edward Mitchell was born in Brighton on August 22nd, 1843. His beloved mother was a very gracious woman, a member of the Church at Ebenezer, Richmond…