George Cowell

George Cowell (1822-1884) was an Independent sovereign grace preacher and author. He also served a short time as editor of the Gospel Magazine.

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    Despise Not Prophesyings

    “Despise Not Prophesyings.” 1 Thessalonians 5:20 That is, if they are stamped with God's authority, and not man's. As our adorable Jesus sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately (Matt. 24:3). Beloved, cannot you picture the lovely scene, the heavenly countenance of God the Son, as he complacently answers the eager inquiries put to him by the group of faithful followers? The words at that season, uttered by the true and living God in human form, it is not difficult, we think, to prove have a direct reference to the very circumstances and changes which we are witnesses of in the present day in connection with our beloved country. The disciples said unto him, "Tell us when shall these things…

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    The Spirit Of The World Analyzed

    If we might add a codicil to the beautiful Litany of the Church of England, it should be, “From the spirit of the world, good Lord, deliver us." While the open vanity of the world is prominently labelled "poison." so that the child of God, living up to the privilege of his high calling, avoids and abhors it, the spirit of the world is a narcotic, enticing in its nature, and, too often, reckoned harmless, but which lulls into a hurtful sleep, producing Jeshurun fatness, but spiritual leanness. "Of the rock that begat thee, thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee." The spirit of the world is like grapes of the vine of Sodom and of the fields of Gomorrah; their cluster…

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    A Calendar For The Latter Half Of The Year 1850

    July witnesses the trees full of sap; and may it be the experience of the dear reader, to be full of the sap of divine life, strictly avoiding all nourishment but that which is gained from the fulness of Christ, for there is such a thing as the unprofitable sustenance of self-righteousness, that brings forth "uncircumcised fruit" (Leviticus 19:23). Unto Cain and to his offering the Lord had not respect, because it was the fruit of the ground. Everything at this season of the year seems full of life and activity, but whatever examples of industry and perseverance we may have, all such working cannot produce life, but only gains us the fruit of our labour; the vital principle within is the cause of life,…

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    The Floating Axe Head

    The prophet Elisha and his disciple were dwelling in Gilgal, when it became evident to the sons of the prophet that owing to their increasing numbers they must move to a more convenient spot. A proposition was therefore made, that they should go unto Jordan; and the prophet’s consent having been granted, they push on to this part. Upon arriving they find it well studded with trees, that it becomes necessary to level a number of them, that they may extend the space for their habitations, as well as employ the timber for their construction. And as one was felling a beam his axe head fell into the water, when he cried and said, Alas, master, for it was borrowed. But Elisha, nothing daunted by…

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    The Life And Ministry Of George Cowell

    The "Wayside Notes" that for nearly fifty years appeared so regularly in the Gospel Magazine contained such sweet morsels for the household of faith, that spiritual readers looked forward with delight month by month for these Notes respecting the pilgrim's way. But now the hand that wrote them is still, and the immortal spirit has entered into the higher service of praise. The memorials of Mr. Cowell's gracious life have recently been published in a very handsome-looking volume, and we are thankful that his daughter Ruth has gone gleaning amongst the sheaves, and has been enabled to present us with such sweet handfuls of purpose from the life and writings of this dear servant of the Lord; by this means we come to know more…