George Godden

George Godden (1795-1852) was an Independent sovereign grace preacher. For seventeen years he served as pastor for the church meeting at Corpus Christi Chapel, Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon. He was a frequent contributor to the Gospel Magazine.

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    Articles Of Faith And Practice In Use At Corpus Christi Chapel, Stonehouse, Devon

    Agreed upon by the Church of Christ assembling in Corpus Christi Chapel; Stonehouse, near Plymouth, in the County of Devon. Article 1.—Through grace we believe that there is One Jehovah; or self-existent essence. In which divine unity subsisteth Three distinct co-equal, co-eternal Persons; as made known unto us by the relative names of a “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”—1 John 5:7; Deuteronomy 6; Hebrews 11:6. Article 2.—Through grace we believe that the incomprehensible Jehovah, in order to make manifest the exceeding riches of his grace; was graciously pleased, in infinite wisdom, to ordain, appoint, or “set up” from before all worlds, the Mediator; Which Mediator, being Jesus Christ, is Immanual—or Jah and Man in one person; the alone “image of the invisible Jehovah, the first-born…

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    The Life And Ministry Of George Godden

    Our dear friend and brother, George Harry Godden, for seventeen years minister of Corpus Christi Chapel, Stonehouse, near Plymouth, Devon, fell asleep in Jesus, April 3rd, at a quarter to eight p.m., and was interred in the family vault in the New Cemetery, Plymouth, on the Thursday following, at noon, attended by numbers of his sorrowing friends and former hearers. He was valiant for the truth, delighting in a full, free, and finished salvation, as revealing the electing love of Jehovah the Father, the Headship of the co-equal Son, and the Person and ministry of God the Holy Ghost. He sought to abase the creature, and lift up the Saviour as all in all. Thus his trumpet gave no uncertain sound, for he was determined…