James Wells

James Wells (1803-1872) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. He was appointed the Pastor of the Borough Road Chapel (Surrey Tabernacle), a position he served for forty-two years.


  • James Wells' Life And Ministry

    The Late James Wells

    When Dr. Hamilton handed to the printer in his study the last sheet of his "Life of Ely," he said, "And let me beg of you to be quick about it, sir, for ministers are soon forgotten!" This remark is painfully true in many cases, not only of ministers, but of persons in general. However, the remembrance we have of certain champions of truth whose souls have long been with God abides in freshness to-day. “All pensive memories as we journey on,  Longings for vanished smiles, and voices gone." Foremost in the galaxy of good and great men whose names we cherish, is the late Mr. James Wells, Pastor of the Surrey Tabernacle. Decision Of Character Marked The Life Of James Wells James Wells was…

  • James Wells on the Revelation

    4 The Four Equestrian Seals

    The subject, friends, for our address this evening is the four equestrian seals that we read of in the sixth of Revelation. There are, as you are aware, when those seals are opened, presented to us successively four horses,—the white, the red, the black, and the pale, concerning which, of course, there are very many opinions. Some have thought the four horses meant four of the Roman emperors; but that is an opinion so far off from the meaning that it is hardly worth repeating. Others, with much more feasibility, have thought that while the first represents the Saviour, the second horse, the red, represents Rome pagan; the third horse, the black, represents Rome papal; and the pale horse infidelity. These are opinions that many…

  • James Wells on the Revelation

    3 The Sealed Book

    We learn from the nineteenth verse of the first chapter of this book, that John was to write the things which he had seen, and the things* that were, and the things that were to be hereafter. And the things that had been, the things that were, and the things that were to be, were the same. For what had there been before him ? Why, two things,—mercy and judgment. In all ages the Lord showed mercy to his friends and ministered judgment to his foes. And what was there in the time of John? The same things,—mercy and judgment. And what was there to be thereafter? The same things,—mercy and judgment. Therefore, when the Lord in the fourth chapter calls John up to the…

  • James Wells on the Revelation

    2 The Crystal Sea And The Four Living Creatures

    Our theme this evening will be the crystal sea and the four living creatures, as spoken of in the fourth chapter of the Book of Revelation, following our last lecture. First, the crystal sea. You read that “before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal,” because of its clearness. Now this unquestionably has a spiritual meaning; and the Old Testament will, I think, very clearly show to us that this pure sea before the throne of God represents the gospel of God. We go to the seventh chapter of the First Book of Kings, and we read there of a sea that was between the altar and the temple, and that this sea stood upon twelve oxen, and three oxen had…

  • James Wells on the Revelation

    1 The Throne Of God And Its Accomplishments

    Christian friends, I have had for some time a desire to give a course of lectures upon the Book of the Revelation and my motives chiefly are these two. In the first place, a hope that good will be done, and that we shall find it as profitable to go through this book, and to meet from week to week to contemplate its mysteries, as we do with respect to other parts of the Holy Scriptures. My second motive is this,—to lessen, if possible, what appears to me to be an erroneous impression very prevalent among good people, and among some good and honest ministers of the gospel that we have in our favoured land; and that impression is that none but learned men can…

  • James Wells on the Revelation


    1. The Throne Of God And Its Accompaniments 2. The Crystal Sea And The Four Living Creatures 3. The Sealed Book 4. The Four Equestrian Seals 5. The Fifth And Sixth Seals 6. Consecration And Half-hour’s Silence 7. The Four Trumpets 8. The Two Apostate Churches 9. The Sixth Trumpet 10. The End Of Jewish National Time 11. Temple, Altar, People, And Witnesses 12. The Two Witnesses And The Seventh Trumpet 13. First Part Of Twelfth Chapter 14. The Dragon Defeat 15. Wild Beasts 16. Glory Of The Gospel 17. The Victory Obtained 18. The Vials Of Wrath 19. Sixth And Seventh Vials 20. The False Church 21. The Mystic Babylon 22. The Song Of The Saints 23. The Gospel Dispensation 24. Twentieth Chapter Of…