Jane Hazelton

Jane Hazelton (1809-1894) was a Strict and Particular Baptist believer. She was a member of the church meeting at Mount Zion Chapel, Chadwell-street. Her husband was the pastor of this church, John Hazelton. Her son (John) and nephews (William and John) were also pastors of Strict Baptist churches.

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    The Life And Ministry Of Jane Hazelton

    “My mother!” These two words embody the feelings of her son’s heart, and possess all the mournful emphasis imparted by the sundering of a tie of upwards of forty years. Memory revives the tender recollections of a life-time; the gentle voice seems to be heard again, and the loving and patient face is seen: "Thine own sweet smile I see, The same that oft in childhood solac'd me"; But amidst all the sorrow there is a cause for joy, for our dear one has, through free and sovereign grace, joined the blood-washed throng in the homeland, and "Where thou art gone Adieus and farewells are a sound unknown." Six short years have passed since my beloved father entered into rest, and now one grave contains…