John Lambert

John Lambert (?-1538) was an English Protestant Reformer and martyr. A friend and colleague of William Tyndale and John Frith, he stood against the Roman doctrine of Transubstantiation, resulting in martyrdom. His last words, while burning at the stake, “None but Christ! None but Christ!”

  • John Lambert

    The Life And Martyrdom Of John Lambert

    This distinguished martyr was born in the county of Norfolk, and educated at the university of Cambridge. He became a very proficient scholar and a master of Greek and Latin, so that he translated several books from those languages into the English tongue. Through the instrumentality of Bilney, Lambert renounced the errors of Rome, and allied himself with those who were propagating the everlasting truths of the pure and unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ. His belief in the truth becoming known to the Papists, Lambert thought it advisable to flee; and so he crossed the sea, and joined Frith and Tyndale, with whom he remained more than a year. He was appointed chaplain to the English factory at Antwerp, which preferment he owed to his…