John Piper

John Piper (1843-1888) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. He was a native of the West Indies, but having migrated to England, gravitated towards the Strict Baptists with whom he discovered a kindred spirit. He was appointed the pastor of a Baptist church in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

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    The Life And Ministry Of John Piper

    The testimony of John Piper’s life and ministry is recorded in the Earthen Vessel (1888). On pages 264 and 331, we are given the following account of his life:  “To The Editor.—Dear Sir,—I will (D.V.) forward you particulars of the late Mr. Piper’s call by grace, voyage to this country, &c., which I received from his lips when spending an hour or two at his house. They made a deep impression upon my mind, and may be very interesting to your readers. Yours sincerely, W. Paul. 191 Shakespeare-road, Herne Hill, S.E." Some Account Of The Call By Grace, Ministry, And Voyage To England Of The Late Mr. John Piper, Of Demerara. By W. Paul, of Herne Hill Mr. Piper was endowed with a largely developed…