John Rogers

John Rogers (1505-1555) was a Protestant Reformer, commentator and Bible translator. He oversaw the revision and publication of the Matthew’s Bible during the reign of Henry VIII and was the first English Protestant to be executed by public burning under the reign of Mary I.

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    The Life And Martyrdom Of John Rogers

    The reign of Queen Mary will ever be associated with burning stakes and persecuting edicts. In all parts of the land—north, south, east, and west—men and women were haled to prison for the truth's sake. Many were the modes of suffering which they endured, for all that human ingenuity could devise was made use of in prolonging and aggravating the tortures of these martyrs. Looking at these events exclusively from this standpoint, and only taking into consideration the brutal nature of the deeds and the trials of the victims, causes one almost to drop the pen, and cease from rehearsing facts at which the heart sickens. Our indignation rises to a very high pitch when we read how men could torture their fellow-creatures in such…

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    The Life And Ministry Of John Rogers

    John Rogers was educated at Cambridge, and was afterward many years chaplain to the merchant adventurers at Antwerp in Brabant. Here he met with the celebrated martyr William Tyndale, and Miles Coverdale, both voluntary exiles from their country for their aversion to popish superstition and idolatry. They were the instruments of his conversion; and he united with them in that translation of the Bible into English, entitled “The Translation of Thomas Matthew.” From the Scriptures he knew that unlawful vows may be lawfully broken; hence he married, and removed to Wittenberg in Saxony, for the improvement of learning; and he there learned the Dutch language, and received the charge of a congregation, which he faithfully executed for many years. On King Edward’s accession, he left…