Joseph Irons

Joseph Irons (1785-1852) was an Independent sovereign grace preacher, author and hymn writer. In 1819, he was appointed the minister of Grove Chapel, Camberwell, a position he held until his death thirty-three years later.

  • Jazer: Assistance For The Weak In Faith

    Letter 1: To Silas—On The Trinity

    My dear Silas, I take up my pen to invite your attention to a subject the most exalted and sublime in its nature, and the most important in its relation to the whole scheme of Redemption. The doctrine of a Trinity of Persons in the Godhead is so closely interwoven with every part of the sacred volume, and feature of Christian experience, that every new creature in Christ Jesus might be expected to admit, although he cannot comprehend it. Indeed if we determine to admit no more than we can comprehend we shall soon find ourselves on the high road to Atheism, but allowing Jehovah’s testimony of himself to be true, and attending to its influence in every Christian’s heart, we shall flee firom the…

  • Jazer: Assistance For The Weak In Faith


    If there be any minister of Christ, whose hap­piness I envy, it is he who is surrounded by a number of young Christians, to whom the Lord has blessed his message so as to effect a divine change in their hearts; such an one has a charge of vast importance, requiring the most vigilant attention, and from which he may reasonably expect the choicest fruit; I can enter somewhat into the anxious solicitude of such an individual, and I am not a total stranger to his pleasures: it is therefore my earnest desire to cultivate, prune, and water the tender plants, from whom I expect the fruits of righteousness. With this object in view, I present this little volume to the people of my charge,…

  • Jazer: Assistance For The Weak In Faith

    Second Edition

    I feel encouraged to present this Second Edition to the household of faith, by the extensive circulation of the first, accompanied, as it has been in many instances, by the Divine blessing; and, among other testimonies in its favor, the following extract of a letter from Dr. Hawker, on his second reading of the volume, affords me peculiar pleasure, and with his kind permission I insert it. "Your little volume on gospel doctrines, entitled Jazer, is now before me. I have read the first three letters on the Trinity, Divine Sovereignty and Election. And from the specimen there given on these glorious truths, I promise myself much satisfaction from the further perusal of the work.  Allow me in the mean time to say, that I…

  • Jazer: Assistance For The Weak In Faith

    Table Of Contents

    Letter 1: To Silas—On The Trinity Letter 2: To Elimelech—On Divine Sovereignty  Letter 3: To Ibhar—On Election Letter 4: To Berith—On The Covenant Of Grace Letter 5: To Zebah—On Atonement Letter 6: To Zadok—On Justification Letter 7: To Olympas—On Sanctification Letter 8: To Abiah—On Adoption Letter 9: To Beulah—On Union With Christ Letter 10: To Hephzibah—On The Church Letter 11: To Enoch—On Baptism Letter 12: To Haggai—On The Lord’s Supper Letter 13: To Simeon—On Divine Calling Letter 14: To Betah—On Repentance Letter 15: To Myra—On Faith Letter 16: To Israel—On Prayer Letter 17: To Joseph—On Growth In Grace Letter 18: To Asaph—On Perseverance Letter 19: To Stephen—On Glorification Letter 20: To Cleophas—On The Law And Gospel