Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry (1677-?) was a sovereign grace preacher. He was one of Richard Davis’ lay preachers sent out from the church at Rothwell, Northamptonshire. He served the pastorate of several churches and is the author some interesting books, one of which records the testimony of his conversion to Christ from Roman Catholicism (“The Life and Miraculous Conversion From Popery Of Joseph Perry”, 1727).

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    The Life And Ministry Of Joseph Perry

    My father and mother, according to the information I have had, lived in the Strand, at London, where I and my two sisters were born. I heard that I had another brother, but he died in infancy. My father was, as I understood, by trade a whitesmith, and being a good workman, he had a good place of business under King Charles II. He was by profession a Roman Catholic; so was my mother, grandfather, and grandmother, both on father and mother's side, with others of my relations, all of them deeply dyed in the profession of Papistry. We were all born and bred up in that religion. My father died in the prime of his life; he left us small, and I, being the…