Nicholas Ridley

Nicholas Ridley (1500-155) was a Protestant Reformer and martyr. He was “Bishop of London and Westminster” (the only man to hold that title) and was one of the “Oxford Martyrs” burned at the stake under the reign of Bloody Mary.

  • Nicholas Ridley

    The Life And Martyrdom Of Nicholas Ridley

    This eminent divine, scholar, and martyr of the English Reformation was born in the county of Northumberland; and in the town of Newcastle he was taught the rudiments of education. From Newcastle he removed to Cambridge, where his learning and progress soon gained for him some of the highest honours that seat of learning had then to confer. He was made Doctor in Divinity, and he was also placed at the head of Pembroke Hall. At the conclusion of his university career, he made a tour on the Continent; and, when he returned to his country, emoluments were again offered him. He was appointed one of the chaplains to Henry VIII, and was afterwards elevated to the episcopal bench as Bishop of Rochester. Soon after…