Richard Searle

Richard Searle (1812-?) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. In 1854, he was appointed the pastor of Salem Strict Baptist Chapel, Hemel Hempstead.

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    The Life And Ministry Of Richard Searle

    An Autobiographical Sketch, "Earthen Vessel (1867)", Page 141: Dear Brother, it has been the request of some of my Christian friends for years to publish a sketch of my experience in the dealings of the Lord with me; so that when you wrote a pressing request for it after a prayerful consideration, I felt I must not deny you; therefore I take my pen, praying the Lord may make it a blessing. I was born at Bethnal Green, in the east end of London, February 23, 1812. My parents were poor, but gave me a plain education. My mother, I hope, was a godly woman, many years a member of the late R. Langford's, on the Green; but afterwards she became a Baptist, and was…