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Samuel Eyles Pierce (1746-1829) was a sovereign grace preacher and writer. In 1783, he was appointed pastor of an Independent church meeting at Truro. After a six year ministry, the congregation charged him with Antinomianism and “preaching above the capacities of the people”. Having been forced out from the community, he lived several years with a friend. In 1802, he was appointed lecturer at the Tuesday-evening meetings at the Good Samaritan’s, Shoe Lane. In 1809, a group of his hearers formed themselves into a church, meeting at Eagle and Child Alley, which became known as Printer’s Court Chapel. He was appointed pastor at that time. He continued throughout the course of his ministry to serve as an itinerate preacher, eagerly sought after by those congregations clinging to “a finished salvation”.

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    The Life And Legacy Of Samuel Pierce

    Samuel Eyles Pierce was the son of Adam and Susannah Pierce, and was born at Up-Ottery, in the county of Devon, June 11th, 1746. Up-Ottery is about five miles from Honiton, and at that time the Vicar of the parish was the Rev. Joseph Chilcott, Samuel's maternal grandfather. He was born in the Vicarage-house. His mother was a godly woman, and before his birth she made a promise that if the Lord would be pleased to grant her a son she would give him up, and devote him to His service, doing her utmost to bring him up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Though born in the Vicarage- house, his mother soon returned with him to Honiton, where he was brought up.…

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    Christ Is The Sinner’s Saviour

    If the Lord please, I shall leave Chard on Monday next for Yeovil and Salisbury, and agreeable to your, and the friends’ request, hope to be at Hartley-row to preach on the Thursday evening in the following week. As it respects the journey, I have had many opportunities of sowing the seed of the kingdom; and I make no inquiries about, or concerning the reception of it. Paul plants, and Apollos waters, and God giveth the increase. There I leave it I consider that I have nothing further to do with it. My only concern is to preach the truth as it is in Jesus, so far as my knowledge of the same extends, and there to leave it: nor am I further soli­citous about…

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    The Life And Ministry Of Samuel Pierce

    Samuel Eyles Pierce (1746–1829), Calvinist divine, born at Up-Ottery vicarage, near Honiton, Devonshire, on 23 June 1746, was son of Adam Pierce, a cabinet-maker of Honiton, and Susannah, daughter of Joseph Chilcott, vicar of Up-Ottery. His mother destined him for the ministry of the church of England. Of retiring disposition as a boy, he was first ‘brought under divine influence’ by reading a book by Dr. Anthony Horneck, and he was impressed by the views of Toplady, whom he heard preach at Broad Hembury. Between February 1772 and August 1775 he spent much time in London, and attended the sermons of Romaine, with whose opinions he was in thorough sympathy. During the same period he applied for guidance to John Wesley, who ‘immediately sent one…