Samuel Waldegrave

Samuel Waldegrave (1817-1869) was an Anglican preacher. In 1842, he was appointed to the curacy of St. Ebbe’s, Oxford. In 1846, he became Rector of Barford St. Martin, near Salisbury. In 1857, he was appointed Canon of Salisbury, and then Bishop of the See of Carlisle. In our judgment, he nurtured high views of sovereign grace. Although his printed sermons speak of making an “offer” to sinners, yet they seem to be always qualified and only given to those who have been made sensible of their need under the regenerating power of God.

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    The Life And Ministry Of Samuel Waldegrave

    Samuel Waldegrave (1817–1869), bishop of Carlisle, second son of William, eighth earl Waldegrave, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Whitbread [q. v.], was born at Cardington, Bedfordshire, on 13 Sept. 1817. He was educated at Cheam at a school kept by Charles Mayo (1792–1846) [q. v.], who taught his pupils on the Pestalozzian system. From here he went to Balliol College, Oxford, matriculating on 10 April 1835. His college tutor was Tait, afterwards archbishop of Canterbury, who remained his friend throughout his life. He graduated B.A. in 1839 with a first class in classics and mathematics, and M.A. in 1842. On 22 Nov. 1860 he received the degree of D.D. by diploma. In 1839 he was elected to a fellowship at All Souls' College,…

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    The Life And Testimony Of Samuel Waldegrave

    Bishop Samuel Waldegrave, of Carlisle (1817-1869), was a powerful exponent of the Gospel, and a few godly clergymen still living can speak of him as their father and instructor in Christ.  There was no vacillation in Dr. Waldegrave and his sermons and charges are rich in spiritual truth. By his death the Church of England suffered a great loss; office did not spoil him or cause him to lower the tone of his testimony; in diocesan activities he was equal to any member of the Bench and the needs of districts destitute of the Gospel were for the first time supplied through him. Whether arm-in-arm with the late George Cowell, the well-known "Wayside Notes" writer of the "Gospel Magazine," conversing upon their experience of Divine…