Samuel Walker

Samuel Walker (1809-1879) was a High-Calvinist Anglican preacher. Between the years 1857 and 1879, he served as Rector for St. Mary-le-Port, Clifton. “He was an earnest and eloquent preacher, and an unsparing antagonist of Ritualistic error.”

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    An Appraisal Of My Pastoral Ministry For The Year 1858

    My Dear People,—The close of one year, and the commencement of another, is calculated to suggest solemn thoughts—none perhaps more solemn than those which arise out of the relation of pastor and flock. In that relation you and I have stood to each other during the year that is gone, and nothing is more uncertain than the continuance of that relation to the end of the year that is coming. This point of itself is worthy of notice by both of us in our respective positions. The notice of it which my heart suggests to me is, a few simple observations, not addressed to you merely from the pulpit as in the course of my ordinary ministrations, but in a somewhat more permanent shape; such…

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    The Life And Testimony Of Samuel Walker

    The memory of Samuel Abraham Walker, M.A., Rector of St. Mary-le-Port, Bristol, and founder of the Clifton Conference in 1862, is gratefully cherished He was a man of spiritual force, a doughty champion on Protestant platforms and never ashamed of the creature-humbling doctrines of grace. His hand and his heart were ever with those who were one with him in Christ. The Clifton Conference continues, under the Rev. James Ormiston, as the October annual gathering of many of the Lord's people of various sections of the one Church who assemble in the name of "the chiefest among ten thousand and the altogether lovely."' A similar Conference was held at Aylestone, Leicestershire, under the auspices of George W. Straton, M.A., the rector; but upon his death…