The Friendly Companion

A High-Calvinist Magazine “The Friendly Companion” started in 1865 by John Gadsby (1808-1893). It was designed for children, in honor of the attention his father, William Gadsby (1773-1844), gave to the children under his gospel ministry. Not only did he oversee a large Sunday School, but many of his writings were designed to reach the youth.

  • The Friendly Companion

    God’s Care Of His People

    Dear Children,—I have thought that it might not be altogether unprofitable to devote a little time to the very remarkable subject of the passage of the children of Israel through the Red Sea. It is a circumstance that manifests God's great and glorious power in the deliverance of his own people Israel; but awful vengeance indeed in the destruction of their enemies. We find the children of Israel encamped in a valley between two high hills, or mountains. The Red Sea lay before them, the impassable mountains on either side, so that, to all human appearance, there is no way out of this place but the way by which they came, and that is now blocked by a host of enemies. Now, although they are…