The Voice of truth

A High-Calvinist Magazine “The Voice of truth, Or Strict Baptists’ Magazine” started in 1863, the editor wrote concerning the purpose of the magazine: “We lament the want of union among our churches, and shall seek, at the earliest possible opportunity, to promote the formation of a “Strict Baptist Association” for London and the Neighborhood, hoping to meet with the sympathy of many of our ministerial brethren in the movement; and, by-and-by, such churches will find the Voice of Truth an important medium of communication between them. All the Committee of this Magazine most heavily approve of such a Society being formed. And why should we not unite? Brethren, let us make the attempt in the fear of God, and in faith, and it will succeed.” Similar to the Gospel Herald and the Earthen Vessel, it appears while the main ethos of the magazine was in agreement with the tenets of the Gospel Standard, yet space was given on its pages to dissenting views.

  • The Voice of truth

    Precious Faith

    This we have not by nature. So far are we from being capable of faith in Christ, in a state of unregeneracy, that it is altogether contrary to our nature. God created Adam holy, and placed him in the garden of Eden in a state of sinless perfection; but he by disobedience merited the displeasure of Heaven, and being the head of the covenant of works, plunged not only himself, but the whole human race into a state of sin, degradation, misery, and death; and the word of God declares us all to be sinners of the deepest dye—dead in trespasses and sins, and blinded by the god of this world. We are all like sheep gone astray; and so fallen are we, that by…