Zion’s Trumpet

A High-Calvinist Magazine “Zion’s Trumpet, A Theological Miscellany” started in 1798 by a society of Anglican clergymen, the aim of the magazine was “to disseminate and illustrate the doctrines of the Church of England”. Robert Hawker (1803–1875), Vicar of Charles Church, Plymouth, became one of its leading contributors. Just as the Strict Baptists were drawn to The Gospel Magazine for its defense of High-Calvinism, so were they drawn to Zion’s Trumpet.

  • Zion’s Trumpet

    The Rev. Mr. Polwhele’s New Scheme Of Divinity

    Dear Sir, You devolved on me a very unpleasant task, when you requested me to peruse the printed letter, which the Rev. R. Polwhele has addressed to Dr. Hawker of Plymouth, and to give you my decided opinion concerning its contents. You might as well have commissioned me to visit the plain of Colchis, and to employ myself in culling its noxious productions. It oftentimes affords a very high gratification to the mind of an author to indulge a vein of acrimony and malevolence, when he comes forward to expose the imagined error of a Christian brother, either in faith or manners. But this procedure, instead of recommending him to the favor of a judicious and candid reader, always excites the feelings of an honest…