Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556) was a Protestant Reformer and martyr. Not only did he contribute to the establishment of the Church of England under the reign of Henry VIII, but also drew up the first doctrinal (Thirty-Nine Articles) and liturgical structures (Book of Common Prayer) for the new Church. He was burned at the stake under the reign of Queen Mary I.

  • Thomas Cranmer

    The Life And Martyrdom Of Thomas Cranmer

    The archiepiscopal see of Canterbury can boast of a long list of names, representing some of the most eminent divines and scholars our country has produced; yet few of its illustrious occupants have so worthily and so honourably discharged their important functions as Thomas Cranmer did in the days of Henry VIII and Edward VI. Holding that responsible post at a very critical period in our history, when England was in a state of religious transition, Cranmer nobly and wisely used his influence to forward the progress of those principles that have their foundation in the Word of God; and, although perseverance in such a cause was sure to be rewarded with contempt and opprobrium, yet the heroic archbishop defended and maintained the principles of…