Thomas Goodwin

Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680) was a Puritan Congregational theologian and preacher. He held the post of chaplaincy to Oliver Cromwell and served as President of Magdalen College, Oxford.

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    The Life And Testimony Of Thomas Goodwin

    Dr. Thomas Goodwin was, it is well known, one of the ablest writers in defense of eternal election and particular redemption that this country ever produced. During a great part of his long life, he held fast of these doctrines with uniform consistency and died in the fullest assurance of their truth. In the account of his life and death, prefixed to the 5th vol. of his works, we have the following particulars of his triumphant departure. "In February, 1679, a fever seized him which in a few days put an end to his life. In all the violence of it he discoursed with that strength of faith and assurance of Christ’s love, with that holy admiration of free grace, with that joy in believing,…