Thomas Hull

Thomas Hull (1831-?) was a High-Calvinist Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. In 1870, he was appointed pastor of the church meeting at Ebenezer Chapel, Hastings, a position he held for thirty-six years. He also served as editor for twenty-eight years of the monthly magazines the “Sower” and the “Little Gleaner”, publications which were founded by Septimus Sears.

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    Partial Sight Of Divine Things

    The testimony of God is, “All flesh is grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass: the grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away; but the Word of the Lord endureth for ever." But we are told that the kingdom which is received by the saints is “a kingdom which cannot be moved." They receive the immutable Word and grace of God, and His eternal kingdom is set up in their hearts; therefore they are partakers of eternal life, and this eternal life can never die—hence the things they receive can never be destroyed; and yet we do read of some things in the case of the people of God which shall be done away, but that will be by…

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    Weeping Endures For A Night, But Joy Cometh In The Morning

    Some of the Lord's children are continually proving the truth of that word, more or less, "The end of a matter is better than the beginning." And why is it so? Because we do not always apprehend at the first the good hand and favour of the Lord in it; therefore the beginning of a matter, at times, so seriously affects the mind, weighs so heavily upon the spirit, and so over- comes the measure of faith within, that thoughts of the end not only fill us with fear, but we may ask, in fact, with dread and alarm, what the end of these things will be. Yes, and this even after we have been instructed, time after time, to know that God's Word, despite…

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    The Everlasting Covenant

    The things of the "everlasting covenant'' are stable things, for they are eternal; and these everlasting things are, to the people of God, precious things, because they are things connected with their salvation. They are loved with the everlasting love of God. They inherit the everlasting blessing; and, as they are interested in the everlasting covenant, they also have an everlasting inheritance, for their inheritance is the everlasting God. When these things are felt in the heart, they are found to be comfortable things in the case of all, the foundation of whose hope is the Lord Jesus, who is, as the promise runs, "A Stone, a tried Stone, a precious Corner-Stone, a sure Foundation," against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. And the…

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    The Life And Ministry Of Thomas Hull

    It was on the 16th of August, 1831, that Thomas Hull was born at Foleshill, near Coventry, a spot that was favoured at one time with the ministry of Mr. William Nunn (afterwards of Manchester), whose discourses were greatly valued by Mr. Hull's mother. The father of little Thomas died when the boy was only three years of age. He was known as one of the best ribbon weavers in the county, and when the bread winner was taken away, hard times fell to the lot of the little family at Foleshill. The mother gallantly entered upon the struggle to provide food for her household, but in two years the hard labour so told upon her health that she became an invalid, and continued so…