William Boorne

William Boorne (1794-1869) was a Strict and Particular Baptist believer. Although not a preacher of the gospel, he was a servant of churches and did much for the cause of Christ. He was the father of Thomas, John and James, whose biographical sketches are included in the online archive of The Baptist Particular.

  • William Boorne

    The Life And Testimony Of William Boorne

    The subject of this memoir was born at Deptford, January 1st, 1794. His father and mother were both members of a Particular Baptist church, at Keppell Street, Bedford Square, under the pastoral care of Mr. Martin. His mother died when he was nine months old, but his grandmother often took care of him. She was a strict Churchwoman, and taught her grandson hymns and prayers, which he frequently repeated. He had early natural convictions that he was wicked, and was taught that he must be good to meet the favour of God. As he grew older, his father was accustomed to take him occasionally on a Lord's day to Keppell Street. When about twelve years of age, he heard Mr. Martin from Col. 1:27: "Christ…