William Parks

William Parks (1809-1867) was a High-Calvinist Anglican preacher. In 1843, he was appointed Rector of the church meeting at Openshaw, Manchester, a position he held for twenty-four years.

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    The Trinity In Unity

    I often think with much sadness upon the great ignorance of professing Christians. Whether people call themselves Churchmen or dissenters, there is a deplorable want of information amongst them upon the great doctrine of revelation. I most firmly believe that if the first one hundred persons we were to meet in the streets were to be stopped, and examined upon the doctrines of the Christian religion, ninety of them would prove to be totally ignorant; and yet, is it not strange whilst there are such multitudes of churches and chapels and preachers in the land, and such throngs of people flocking into them? No; for the churches and chapels are, for the most part, like ill-conducted schools, where, first of all, the masters are not…

  • William Parks

    The Life And Ministry Of William Parks

    In the most unthought-of and unsought-for way, it has devolved upon us to take the oversight of the following pages, whilst passing through the press. As far as the Sermons themselves are concerned, our labour has been confined to the simple reading of the proof-sheets. We have occasionally added a foot-note; otherwise we have scarcely made half-a-dozen verbal alterations: so systematic and orderly was our departed friend, both as a writer and preacher, as to render correction of anything that passed under his hand quite unnecessary. Some eight months have passed away since we received tidings of our dear brother’s departure, and with those tidings a request from his bereaved widow, churchwardens, and many friends in his congregation, that we would go and preach his…