• Jared Smith on the Biblical Covenants

    2 The Spiritual And Perpetual Covenants—Works And Redemption

    Some of the points I cover in this teaching video: I believe the major biblical covenants may be arranged under two headings: (1) Two spiritual and perpetual covenants—Redemption and Works; (2) Four earthly and temporary covenants—Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic and Davidic. The New Covenant, properly speaking, is not an actual covenant, but rather, an explanation of the Covenant of Redemption to the Jewish people as a nation, within the context of the Mosaic economy and its laws. In this study, an explanation is given for the two spiritual and perpetual covenants: First, aligning these covenants with the Framework of Sovereign Grace; Second, emphasizing how the Covenant of Redemption is one and the same with the Covenant of Grace; Third, showing why the Covenants of Works and…

  • Jared Smith on the Biblical Covenants

    9 The New Covenant

    Some of the points I cover in this teaching video: Having given an explanation of my view on the Spiritual and Earthly Covenants, I now come to the subject of the new covenant. I do not believe the new covenant is an actual covenant, established by God at some point in history, but rather, it is an explanation of the covenant of redemption, given to the Jewish people as a nation, within the context of the Mosaic economy and its laws. In this study, I set out my understanding of the issues with the help of a timeline and diagram, followed by an examination on how the scriptures use the language, “new covenant”. Jared Smith, Muntinlupa, PH (20/01/2023)

  • Jared Smith on the Biblical Covenants

    10 Comparative Views Of The New Covenant

    Some of the points I cover in this teaching video: In an effort to clarify my understanding of the New Covenant, I make a comparison of it with that of the Presbyterians, the traditional Reformed Baptists, the 1689 Federalists and the High-Calvinists. Jared Smith, Muntinlupa, PH (27/01/2023)

  • Jared Smith On Various Issues

    Ten Reasons I Am Not A Reformed Baptist

    If one subscribes to sovereign grace with Baptist convictions, it is assumed he/she by default is a Reformed Baptist. It is then assumed a Reformed Baptist is another name for the historic group of churches known as the Particular Baptists. Henceforth, the appellations Reformed and Particular are used interchangeably, the legacy of the latter being subsumed by the identity of the former. However, according to Dr. Kenneth Dix, then Chairman for the Strict Baptist Historical Society, the Reformed Baptist movement emerged during the 1950’s, distinguished by teachings which differ from the Particular Baptists. The Origin Of The Reformed Baptist Movement Dr. Dix traced the origin of the Reformed Baptist movement to September 1955, with the first publication of the Banner of Truth Magazine. This magazine…

  • George Ella on Doctrinal Matters

    The Evangelical Revival Or The Great Awakening

    Bible Reading: Romans 10:13-14. In the eighteenth century, an Evangelical Awakening swept through the western world ushered in through the medium of restored preaching. Never since the Reformation had earnest men taken to the highways and by-ways and preached to the multitudes with such power. Hundreds of thousands who had never cared for religion, found themselves drawn to it through the spoken Word. Stop: you might say. The Church is not a preaching factory. Preaching is of use in its right place but church worship, the communion of the saints and pastoral care are essentialities of church fellowship. We understand this and this conference and our Society do not neglect to teach about the inner fellowship shared by the communion of the saints. But our…

  • Don Fortner's Articles

    What Does It Mean To Be Reformed?

    The sermons from which this tract sprang were preached to the Grace Baptist Church of Danville in Danville, Kentucky - USA, November 2, 1997 by Pastor Don Fortner. The tract is taken directly from the pastor’s sermon notes, with as few changes as possible. It was intended for our congregation, and is offered to the public only because of numerous requests that it be put into print. Tapes of the original messages preached in Danville are available. “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” - Colossians 2:8 We are warned repeatedly to beware of false religion, false doctrine, and false prophets. Here Paul urges us to beware of those who…