Jared Smith's Sermons

Six More Features Of Cain’s Testimony

Some of the points covered in this sermon:

• The various avenues through which the sinful nature takes expression
• The definition of sin and a twofold description of the sinful nature
• The career path of Cain and how it represented his worldly mindedness
• The invention of Cain’s false religion
• The twofold sentence passed upon Cain by God, in consequence of murdering Abel
• The impenitency and ingratitude of Cain, even after God bestowed upon him a token of mercy
• The difference between the mercy of God as Savior, and the mercy of God as Creator
• The purpose of God, fitting Cain to destruction
• The purpose of God, permitting Cain to live a long and influential life upon the earth
• The way in which these features of Cain’s testimony should give pause for reflection to every unregenerate sinner
• The way in which these features of Cain’s testimony are able to help regenerate sinners nurture healthier relationships with their unregenerate family members and friends