John Bradford

John Bradford (1510-1555) was an English Reformer. He served as prebendary of St Paul’s and was the author of several books. Having been accused of crimes against Queen Mary I, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London and burned at the stake in 1555.

John Bradford on the Law and the Gospel (Complete)

  • John Bradford on the Law and the Gospel (Complete)

    The Law and the Gospel

    A Comparison Between The Old Man And The New, Also Between The Law And The Gospel, Containing A Short Sum Of All The Divinity Necessary For A Christian Conscience. By John Bradford (1510–1555)[1]A man that is regenerate, consisteth of two men (as a man may say), namely of “the old man,” and of “the new man.” “The old man” is like to a mighty giant, such a one as was Goliath; for his brith is now perfect. But “the new man” is like unto a little child, such a one as was David; for his birth is not perfect until the day of his general resurrection. "The old man" therefore is more stronger, lusty, and stirring than is "the new man," because the birth of…