John Bunyan McCure

John Bunyan McCure (1822-1883) was an English Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. In 1840, he preached his first sermon and tied the knot in marriage. In 1848, he was ordained pastor at Hadlow, Kent, with John Foreman bringing the charge. In 1852, he and his family removed to Australia, where they served in gospel ministry for sixteen years. This came to a sudden end with the unexpected death of Mrs. McCure, whose last wish was for her children to be raised in England. Mr. McCure was the first Evangelist (Missionary) to be sent from the English Strict and Particular Baptists to Australia. In 1872, after returning to England, he was appointed pastor of Eden Chapel, Cambridge.

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    The Life And Legacy Of John Bunyan McCure

    McCure omits any autobiographical information prior to the age of thirteen. At this age he relates how his mother suffered from 'rheumatic gout' for a period of twelve years necessitating his leaving home and seeking employment. Very early in his religious experience he became preoccupied with the Calvinistic doctrine of election: 'My trouble was now, whether I was one of the Lord's chosen'. McCure was converted under Richard Luckin, a paedobaptist, at Woodbridge Chapel, Clerkenwell. Shortly after his conversion he became convinced of believer's baptism, and was immersed by the Rev John Luscombe at Bethel Chapel, City Road, London. McCure preached his first sermon on Sunday 1 Mar 1840 and was married the same year at the Islington Church. He became a full-time preacher among…

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    The Duty Of A Gospel Preacher

    On December 13, 1875, St. John’s Green Chapel, Colchester, held special services for the induction of their new pastor, Mr. Brown. Several local pastors formed the ordination council, among which was Mr. John Bunyan McCure. He was appointed to bring the “charge” to Mr. Brown, in preparation for his pastoral duties at the chapel. “I speak a word of exhortation for your patience. Here are we with Mr. Brown just recognized; and it is now my duty to deliver the charge with only a few minutes to do so. In days gone by there was plenty of time allowed for this, but we are living in days when we have to do everything in a hurry; coming to my subject—Mr dear Brother, I speak to…

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    The Life And Ministry Of John Bunyan McCure

    We are requested to give the following review and notice of the 35th anniversary of Mr. J. B. McCure’s ministry:— Of those who have labored in the gospel, few have had such a lengthened and uninterrupted course as our pastor; few have been made more useful, not only in holding forth the Word of Life, but in erecting places of worship where Christ is preached. Before Mr. McCure left this country for the colonies (a quarter of a century ago), he had some experience in enlarging the houses of God. After he was settled at Geelong, he was the means of erecting a substantial place for the worship of the Lord God of Israel, and left the place a patrimony to the people and their…

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    The Life And Testimony Of John Bunyan McCure

    By a most gracious Providence I was directed to Woodbridge Chapel, Clerkenwell, where I heard that good and honoured man, Mr. Richard Luckin. This minister, under the blessing of God, was the means of bringing my soul into Gospel liberty. For three months it was like heaven upon earth to me, for I could then read my title to mansions in the skies. I felt so happy that I could scarcely attend to my duties, for I had indeed found the Lord, and was now afraid lest I should lose the joy of His presence. I could not endure that any one should speak against Him whom my soul loved. Such was the tenderness of conscience, that I could not endure the filthy conversation of…