Mary Kemp

Mary Kemp (1837-1899) was the faithful wife and loving companion of a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher named John Kemp. Their union continued for twenty-six years, ending with her death in 1899. Together they served the Lord for seventeen years at the Baptist Chapel in Biddenden, Kent.

Mary Kemp Biographical Sketch

  • Mary Kemp Biographical Sketch

    Mary Kemp —“O That Thou Wouldst Bless Me Indeed!”

    With the combined energies and resources of a deacon belonging to Tilden Chapel in Smarden, and a farmer residing in Lashenden, a Strict and Particular Chapel was built in Biddenden, Kent, 1880. Two years after the chapel opened, a church was organized and John Kemp was appointed the first pastor. He served the fellowship until his death in 1932, a total of 52 years. In 1873, John was married to Mary Baldock, 13 years his senior. Their union ended 26 years later, with Mary entering the presence of the Lord. John Kemp Mary Baldock In John’s Autobiography, he gives the following account of his courtship and marriage: From the age of about sixteen to twenty I walked with a young woman who was three months…