Myles Coverdale

Myles Coverdale (1488-1569) was an English sovereign grace preacher during the Protestant Reformation, serving as Bishop of Exeter between the years 1551 to 1553. His teachings were aligned with those of Augustine and Calvin, advancing the cause of Puritanism. He is best known for producing the first complete printed translation of the Bible into English.

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    The Life And Ministry Of Myles Coverdale

    “The Works of Myles Coverdale”, Advertisement, 1844: He is said to have been born in the year 1488, and to have been a native of the district of Coverdale in Richmondshire, from which district it is probable that his family took their name. He received his education in the Priory of the Augustines at Cambridge, of which the celebrated Dr. Barnes was the head. It is probable, that from this eminent man he derived those principles which led him to take so great a lead in the Reformation, and especially to devote himself with so much energy to the great work of presenting the scriptures to his countrymen in their native tongue. Bishop Coverdale subsequently showed his gratitude to his instructor by composing one of…