The Gospel Herald

A High-Calvinist Magazine “The Gospel Herald; Or, Poor Christian’s Magazine” started in 1833 by Samuel Collins (1799-1881), a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher who served as pastor of the church meeting at Grundisburgh, Suffolk. The magazine continued as an independent publication until the year 1887, when it was amalgamated with the Earthen Vessel. Although the magazine took a hardline on issues, it was often with a soft touch, allowing space for dissenting voices to be heard.

  • The Gospel Herald

    Thoughts On Responsibility

    It appears to me that on no subject are the religious professors of the present day more confused, yea, in the dark, than that of man’s responsibility, and often have I wished that some gifted servant of the Lord would take pen in hand and give a few thought on this important subject. The attempt made by the Rev letter-learned moderate Calvinists of the day, to reconcile God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility, viz, in the matter of salvation, is like searching for the philosophers stone, although a fruitless attempt to discover what, according to their view of the subject, has no existence; or to make two directly opposites meet together. In this, as in all other parts of the jumbled creed, the grand error evidently…