• Isaac Beeman

    The Life And Testimony Of Isaac Beeman

    I was born in 1764, at Seberton Green, Boughton Malherbe, near Ashford, in Kent. My father was bailiff to Dr. Briton, rector of ———, in that vicinity. About 1778 I was apprenticed to Mr. Clifford, draper and general shopkeeper, at Cranbrook, in the same county, and attended with my master's family at a Particular Baptist chapel; but, like other youths, I walked after the vanity of my own mind. When I was about 16 or 17 years of age, as I was going down to my master's stable, this scripture very powerfully seized my heart: "Now, consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver." The sins of my past life were set before my eyes,…

  • William Huntington

    The Life And Ministry Of William Huntington

    Few men have had to encounter such a storm of contempt, slander, enmity, and opposition as that eminent servant of God of whom these Recollections are given to the public by one who was well acquainted with him, and who, like most of those who sat and had profited under his ministry, entertains undiminished for him the warmest affection and deepest respect. The only doubt amongst those who despised and hated him was whether he were a fanatic or an impostor; and some very quietly and curtly settled the doubt to their own full satisfaction by pronouncing him to be both. This seems to have been the opinion of the late Lord Macaulay, who, in his "Essay upon Lord Clive," speaking of the mysterious horror…

  • Thomas Davies

    The Life And Ministry Of Thomas Davies

    The name of Thomas Davies is not so well-known today, as in years past. This may be accounted for by his advanced age, and by his retiring disposition. Although he sought to serve his Master, he never intruded himself upon any Church, but was sought after, even to within a short time preceding his death. The causes of truth he served latterly were Old Brentford, Hornsey Rise, Holloway, &c., where his labors were much appreciated. A brief account of his life will, we believe, prove interesting to our readers. 

  • Joseph Perry

    The Life And Ministry Of Joseph Perry

    My father and mother, according to the information I have had, lived in the Strand, at London, where I and my two sisters were born. I heard that I had another brother, but he died in infancy. My father was, as I understood, by trade a whitesmith, and being a good workman, he had a good place of business under King Charles II. He was by profession a Roman Catholic; so was my mother, grandfather, and grandmother, both on father and mother's side, with others of my relations, all of them deeply dyed in the profession of Papistry. We were all born and bred up in that religion. My father died in the prime of his life; he left us small, and I, being the…

  • John Boorne

    The Life And Ministry Of John Boorne

    I was born on the 7th of October, 1838. My parents, who were godly people, sought the spiritual welfare of their children, training them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I heard the truth at home and in the house of God, which gave me in early days a reverence for God's Name, His Word, and His ways. Like Timothy, from a child I knew the Holy Scriptures. I was thus kept from the grosser acts of sin, feeling within me an abhorrence of many evils in which other youths delighted. As an instance of God's preserving care over my life, when about eleven years of age, I was sent on an errand which took me by the River Ravensbourne: walking incautiously along…

  • William Brown

    The Life And Death Of William Brown

    Mr. W. Brown, the oldest of our Suffolk ministers, was called home on Saturday evening, June 9th, at the ripe age of 82, and was buried in the ground of the meeting-house on the following Saturday in the presence of a concourse of fellow-members, friends and others, from far and near, for he was greatly respected and valued. The funeral service was conducted by Mr. S. K. Bland and Mr. W. Large, of Sudbourne,—Mr. Harsant, of Peckham (formerly a member at Friston) engaging in prayer. Mr. Bland preached the funeral sermon on the following day—the quaint old six-sided chapel being packed to excess and overflowing. His text was Job 5:26, "Thou shalt come to thy grave at a full age, like as a shock of…