• George Webb

    The Life And Ministry Of George Webb

    Dear Brother,—My late beloved brother, Mr. George Webb, was born near Victoria-park, London, of God-fearing parents in the year 1827, and was suddenly called home on October 17, 1894. He was the child of many prayers; he grew up strictly moral; when quite young attended chapel with his parents, went to Sunday-school, and, when about fifteen years of age, became a teacher. That with his morality, attendance at chapel, saying prayers, teaching in the school at the age of sixteen years, he had become a decided self-righteous young man, trusting to his moral virtue, so making a righteousness of the supposed good deeds he had done. As I had been mercifully taught the only way of salvation was by sovereign grace, through the obedience and…

  • Daniel Curtis

    The Life And Ministry Of Daniel Curtis

    Daniel Curtis was unknown to many united with the Church of Christ in the present day. In connection with Strict Communion Churches, in the early part of the present century, Mr. Daniel Curtis took an active and interesting part. Were it not for the Earthen Vessel & Gospel Herald, the name of Daniel Curtis, which was a household name in our denomination fifty years ago, would be unknown in the present day. As will be seen by his portrait, although taken home in the meridian of life, he had quite a puritanical appearance. Yet, withal, pleasing to look on, his cheerful countenance giving correct expression to a genial disposition and generous heart. His name was associated with most of the ministers of the Gospel, who,…

  • James Flegg

    The Life And Ministry Of James Flegg

    I was born in London in the year 1865. My parents were members at "Salem," Meards Court, and l was the subject of many earnest prayers. For some years I went my own way; but during those years the Lord's eye was upon me and He preserved me. I often look back upon those years and say with emphasis:— “Preserved in Jesus when My feet made haste to hell; And there I should have been, But Thou dost all things well: The love was great, the mercy free, Which from the pit delivered me." All the dark chapter of those years is known to Him who knoweth all things, and we would cover that while we rejoice in believing the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth…

  • James Poyton

    The Life And Ministry Of James Poyton

    James Ebenezer Poyton was the embodiment of "The Book of Psalms,'' “Watts' Psalms and Hymns," "Denham's," and the "Union Tune Book.” Though the subject of many doubts and fears, the praises of God were invariably uppermost in his mind. Deceased had a well-formed head and excellent mind, but lacked the advantages of education, having early in life to begin a “treading out the corn." But the organ of tune was very prominent in his cranium and composition. Before he knew the meaning of the words and ere he could speak plain, little Poyton sang, "The praises of my tongue,  I offer to the Lord." Our departed brother was born in West-street, Bethnal-green, of poor but godly parents, in the year 1811. His mother used to…

  • J. Hazelton

    The Life And Ministry Of John Hazelton

    My Dear Brother,—Being of a quiet, timid, and retiring turn of mind, I must say I was somewhat surprised when yon asked me for photo and short sketch. The question has often been asked what relationship I sustain towards those of the same name who have been, or still are, connected with our beloved denomination? To such I would reply, that the late Mr. J. Hazelton, of Chadwell-street, was my uncle, and the late Mr. William Hazelton, of Lewisham, was my eldest brother, whilst the present Mr. J. E. Hazelton, of the Aged Pilgrims' Friend Society, is not myself, but my cousin. I mention this as I know there has been some confusion concerning the relationship.

  • John Lynn

    The Life And Ministry Of John Lynn

    I was born in 1845, at Kingsland, and was the first son in a numerous family: a child over whom much prayer was offered by my father, and by others at Trinity, Hackney, where he was a member under the hallowed ministry of Mr. Hughes. Thence we removed to Camberwell. For a brief period "The Grove" was the spiritual lodge; and on a visit to the Sunday-school, when but five years of age (the only occasion of my entering a Sunday-school until I became a teacher), the Spirit of God revealed to me the sinfulness of my nature, under a lucid exposition of the necessity of the new birth as set forth by the Lord to Nicodemus. We then went to East-street, Walworth. ''Big-hearted" Jeffrey…