• Samuel Bland

    The Life And Ministry Of Samuel Bland

    On the occasion of my recognition as pastor of the newly-formed Church at Cheshunt, Oct. 17, 1853, I gave what I believed to be a true account of my being brought out of darkness into light, and afterwards felt constrained to enter the Gospel ministry. That statement was taken down and published in the December number of the Earthen Vessel, of which the following is an extract: I need add no more, except a few of the many incidents of my lengthened life; may the little left confirm the reality of the past. In that service, lovingly remembered brethren took part—all since gone home:—George Moyle, Joseph Hamblin, Thomas Jones, George Wyard, William Allen, and others.

  • Samuel Gray

    The Life And Ministry Of Samuel Gray

    We are enabled this month to present our readers with a portrait of Mr. Samuel Gray, of Brighton. Our brother has been brought so much to the front during the past eighteen months in connection with the Strict Baptist Mission, and we have become so familiar with him as a man, a brother, and a minister of the Gospel, that it is needless to add but little about him. Samuel Gray was born in the garrison town of Chatham, in the county of Kent, May 27th, 1850. Was called by grace when just turned 17 years of age, and we believe we are right in saying this was brought about by no ministerial agency, showing very plainly that God can, if He chooses, call His…

  • Thomas Henson

    The Life And Ministry Of Thomas Henson

    Mr. Henson was in his eighty-sixth year, and had served the Lord from his youth upwards. It was about 1841 that he was baptized at Park Street Chapel, Nottingham, and joined the Scotch Baptist Church worshipping there. Ere long he became a "preaching elder" of that Church. About this time he had a great desire to enter the foreign mission field, but the way was not opened. Instead, an invitation to undertake home mission work, first at Gravesend and afterwards at Pontypool, led to his removal from Nottingham. Subsequently he was for seven years Pastor of the little Baptist Church at Limps-field, Surrey. A period of home mission work in London followed, and then followed more pastoral work. One of the Churches of which Mr.…

  • William Shepherd

    The Life And Ministry Of William Shepherd

    Mr. William Shepherd was born in the county of Devon of godly parents; but, like all the rest of Adam's posterity, was taken up with the vain things of time. Comparatively early in life the Lord was pleaaed to show him his danger while listening to a sermon by a Baptist minister in his native village; but, as time rolled on our brother was led more deeply into the truth which led him to peruse his father’s books, written by good and gracious men. We first became acquainted in the year 1843, in the city of Exeter, after listening to a sermon by the late Mr. James Wells, of the Surrey Tabernacle, on which occasion a friendship sprung up which lasted half a century. Later…

  • Ebenezer Medhurst

    The Life And Ministry Of Ebenezer Medhurst

    By the urgent request of the Editor of the Earthen Vessel & Gospel Herald, I forward my Portrait, Origin, Call by Grace, Call to the Ministry, and Call to the Pastorate at Fleet, Hants., for insertion therein, with the earnest desire, that by it God may be honoured and glorified, His saints blest, and sinners called out of nature's darkness into the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, His dear Son.  Origin I was born on the first of February, 1850, at Coggins, Mill Street, in the Parish of Mayfield, in the County of Sussex, of poor but Christian parents. From my birth I have to say with David, “My times are in Thy hands”—it being a question for some time as to…

  • J. Harlick

    The Life And Ministry Of J. Harlick

    In “the race set before us” we all start naked, and helpless. I was born in the parish of Somersham, Hunts., August 24, 1851. My father was a godly man, but mother spent her years without hope. There was a family of twelve out of which I am the youngest. It can truly be said of me, I was "one born out of due time" (1 Cor. 15:8). My mother had left child-bearing for seven years, when she gave birth to twins, one died, and I, even one "as good as dead" (Heb. 2:12) (for many times they thought I had returned), am the other. But God had a purpose of love and mercy to make known in and by me, that I should bear…