William Bright

William Bright (1828-1860) was a High-Calvinist believer. Having come into contact with a Mr. Strickett, he abandoned his duty-faith principles, embracing a full and free gospel of God’s sovereign grace. Although he never preached a sermon, wrote a book or composed a hymn, his testimony was recorded by a friend in the Earthen Vessel—representative of all the Lord’s “little ones” who pass from this world without notice or recognition.

  • William Bright

    The Life And Testimony Of William Bright

    About a year or two ago one Sunday, a young man came to my house with some tracts; I asked him in; he told me he doing God’s work, asked if I ever read the Bible, and many other things of the duty-faith school. I said, ‘my Bible tells me, God would work, and none should hinder; and that his grace was saving, rich, and free;’ he was puzzled, replying he did not get anything for doing it. He took his leave, no doubt thinking what a hyper he had met with; I was never asked for that tract, never was another one brought; but he was one of the Lord’s little ones; so the Lord taught him. He had a grandfather, a good and…