William Horne

William Horne (1773-1826) was an English Baptist preacher and hymn writer.

William Horne Hymn Studies

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    Death Is No More A Frightful Foe

    Some of the points covered in this sermon:   • Highlighting the subject and theme of the hymn—Death, an encouragement to the Lord’s people in prospect of their departure from this world • Examining the teachings of Philippians 1:21, upon which the hymn is based—“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” • Making three observations upon the first clause of the verse—(1) the essence of the believer’s life; (2) the object of the believer’s life; (3) the motivation of the believer’s life • Explaining the last clause of the verse, in light of the foregoing observations • Outlining the six stanzas of the hymn, each of which suggest a reason why the believer should not fear death • Stanza 1: The…