• Peter Meney on Practical Matters

    There Is No Fear Of God Before Their Eyes

    "There is no fear of God before their eyes." (Romans 3:18) Commenting upon this verse J.C. Philpot said, “Those who have every reason to fear as to their eternal state before God, have for the most part, no fear at all. They are secure, and free from doubt and fear. The depths of human hypocrisy, the dreadful lengths to which profession may go, the deceit of the carnal heart, the snares spread for the unwary feet, the fearful danger of being deceived at the last; these traps and pitfalls are not objects of anxiety to those dead in sin. As long as they can pacify natural conscience, and do something to soothe any transient conviction—they are glad to be deceived! God does not see fit…

  • Peter Meney on Practical Matters

    A Famine Of Hearing God’s Word

    “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD.”—Amos 8:11 What a terrible condition for a land, a nation, a church or an individual to be in. Starving souls and a famine of hearing God’s word, that is, the preaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”, says Paul. Then what else can this famine mean, what else can this famine produce, but a scarcity of faith? A deprivation of true spirituality imposed by God Himself. Men imagine they can exercise faith as they please, by their own free…

  • William Tiptaft's Letters

    A Sharp Letter To An Unbeliever

    July 12, 1830 My dear Sister, I am truly rejoiced that the Lord has given you an inquiring mind. You will not be distressed when I say that I have discovered that your views of salvation by free grace are by no means clear, as your letter plainly evinces; for in speaking of some of your relations you say, "I wish they would fix their minds above this world." This expression shows that you do not believe "there is no health in us." We could as soon make a new world as begin a spiritual work in our souls. It is this doctrine that lays man so low in the dust. You have expressed a great wish to see me, and that others anticipate my…

  • Jared Smith's Sermons

    If The Foundations Be Destroyed

    Some of the points covered in this sermon: • Linking the statement of Genesis 5:1b,2 with Genesis 1:26-28, both of which record the sixth day of creation • Highlighting the similarities and differences between the two records • Considering whether one of the statements is a redundant repetition • Asserting the irreplaceable value of Genesis 5:1b,2 • Showing the structural value of Genesis 5:1b,2 • Showing the doctrinal value of Genesis 5:1b,2 • Showing the atmospheric (or cultural) value of Genesis 5:1b,2

  • Jared Smith's Sermons

    A Wicked City

    Some of the points covered in this sermon: • The family tree of Cain and the timeframe of Genesis 4:17-24 • The structure of Genesis 4:17-24 • The structure of Genesis 4:17 • The importance of avoiding the path of wicked • The desperate measures taken by those who are lonely • The contrast between Cain building an earthly city, and Abel pursing the heavenly city • The structure of Genesis 4:18 • The structure of Genesis 4:19-24 • The classic earmarks of narcissism displayed by Lamech • The fame of Lamech’s children and how it relates to the elect and the non-elect • A warning for nations • A warning for parents • A warning for the godly