• Jared Smith On Various Issues

    My Response To Josh Buice’s Assault On Hyper-Calvinists

    Josh Buice, pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church (Atlanta, Georgia), serves as Assistant Professor of Preaching at Grace Bible Theological Seminary and is the founder and president of G3 (Gospel—Grace—Glory) Ministries. On November 22, 2016, he published a column entitled “Calvinism Is Not Hyper-Calvinism” to “Delivered By Grace”. It is to this article I wish to respond. He begins, “Last week, I was interviewed by Chris Arnzen on his radio show, Iron Sharpens Iron, on the subject of hyper-Calvinism.  It caused me to think about this subject and the importance of using vocabulary properly.  As the father of a type 1 diabetic, I spend much of my time explaining to people in random conversations that type 1 diabetes (T1D) is not the same thing as…

  • Jared Smith On Various Issues

    Covenant Theology And The Particular Baptists

    The Reformed Baptist denomination, a section of which has amped up its claims to be the modern day representatives of the English Particular Baptists (PB's), subscribe to a seventeenth century covenantal framework reflective of the Westminster Confession and that of Presbyterianism. In their view, (1) the covenant of redemption is relegated to the backdrop of an ‘eternity past’ with (2) a conditional covenant of works God made with Adam before the Fall (requiring of him perfect obedience to the heart-law) and (3) a conditional covenant of grace God made (or promised to make) with sinners after the Fall (requiring of them saving faith in Christ). Because they have adopted the 1689 Baptist Confession as their denominational statement of faith, they believe this entitles them to…

  • Veritas (Pseudonym)

    The Watchman’s Warning To The Churches

    Christian Reader,—It is not the intention of “Veritas” to write much himself; but rather to employ the nervous pens of some of those great and sterling Divines, who in their day and generation maintained, unequivocally, the all-important truths and doctrines of the everlasting gospel; who found life, comfort, and consolation, in the firm belief thereof in their own souls while here below, and now find the truth of it in Heaven. They were men of gigantic minds, of close thinking, of deep research, and who were endued with holy ardour for the glory of God; and, like their Master, were “clad with zeal as a cloak:” Isaiah 59:17. Their days were spent in close study in the sacred word; their pens were worn out in…

  • John Jones

    The History Of Fullerism

    The question on whether it be the duty of unregenerate sinners to believe on Christ to the saving of their souls] has been irrefutably, because scripturally, answered again and again, by most able writers in their day and generation. I have a treatise on the subject, written 123 years ago (1738), by Mr. Wayman, of Kimbolton, in reply to a Mr. Morris, of Rowell; which sets the question at rest. But the Baptist churches (generally speaking) were sound in the faith until about the year 1776, when three young men scraped an acquaintance, and became very intimate. Their names were John Sutcliffe, aged 24; John Ryland, jun., aged 23; and Andrew Fuller, Aged 22. This trio met together for the first time on May 28,…

  • Jared Smith On Various Issues

    4 Hyper Calvinist Quotes

    Below are twenty-five more statements made by Hyper Calvinists: J. Foreman: “If it be the natural man's duty to believe unto salvation, then it must be the natural man's duty for God himself to be to him all what by promise and gift he is to those who through grace do believe unto salvation; and then it must be the natural man's duty for the eternal God to be to him a covenant God - a Redeemer - a Shepherd - a Saviour - a Preserver - a Comforter - a Rock, Refuge, Sun, Shield, High Tower, Horn of Salvation, and Strength - the God of all grace - a Guide - a Father and portion for ever. All this the Lord is to them…

  • The Gospel Magazine

    The Two Preachers

    The Moral Preacher The smooth-tongu'd, moral preacher thus begins:— Repent, believe, leave off your former sins;  Attend the worship of the temple true, And see you give to ev'ry man his due. Bestow your alms likewise when you see need,  The naked clothe, the hapless orphan feed. And when you fail (for all come short sometimes),  Repent again; be sorry for your crimes. Thus if from day to day you ever live, Depend upon it, God will you forgive. Mind not what preachers do, but what they say;  And safe to heav'n this will your souls convey.